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Digital Marketing and Copywriting in Calicut.

Welcome to BLINKonDENT.

I’m ASHWIN JOHN HENRY, with expertise on Digital marketing and Copywriting  in Calicut and remote.

While I find great fulfillment in my work as a digital marketer and copywriter, the demands of the job can sometimes take a toll on me, leaving me feeling stressed and unfocused. That’s why I’ve found solace in a creative outlet that allows me to center myself and find clarity: writing poetry and exploring philosophical ideas. I like to think of it as my personal inkigai, a term from Japanese culture that refers to one’s “reason for being.” And so, with the hope of sharing my thoughts and perhaps inspiring others to find their own sources of inner peace, I’d like to share some of my musings with you, dear stranger.


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I hope you liked my work. Feel free to contact and express your feelings.

In today’s world, social media platforms and digital space have become a new way for us to socialize and extend our reach, reminding us of the deep-seated connections that bind us together as human beings.

With digital marketing and copywriting in Calicut or around the globe, I bring in unique perspective to my work, influenced by my experiences as a nomad and exposure to various cultures. By tapping into different personalities and human emotions, I am able to create compelling ideas to connect with audiences on a deeper level. This gift allows me to help myself and others achieve their targets and exceed their goals.

Through the philosophy of connection and oneness, we can tap into the boundless potential that arises from shared purpose, which is the foundation of my work as a Copywriter with expertise in Digital Marketing.


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I find myself grateful for the opportunity to share my few works with you.

Thank you for visiting my page and allowing me the privilege of sharing my works and thoughts with you.

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